Take Me Home Tonight: I Didn’t Expect This Film To Be A Wake-Up Call

Thanks to Netflix, we are now able to choose what movie we really wanna watch. Although not all movies you’d like to see are available, it’s still a lot better than cable service where the same damn movie lineups run on loop for a whole goddamn week.

At least, Netflix allows you to search movies or shows that you find interesting, especially the old ones that you missed in the past and only discovered today.

Take Me Home Tonight was one of those movies that I didn’t know I needed to see. A comedy film that may not be too funny, but just a light-hearted film to entertain me on a weekend morning. It easily caught my attention after seeing the movie description which said that it’s set in the late ’80s. Just because of that, I’ve decided that it’s a must-watch.

The nostalgic video rental store at the beginning, as well as the familiar faces of the actors who I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen on other movies but couldn’t remember what, were enough to get me started. Then it was the old school soundtracks that got me turning away from my laptop and putting my phone down so I could focus on the movie.

At the beginning of the movie, you’d think it was gonna be about a young adult, Matt Franklin, having a problem with his parents, specifically his father because of pressuring him into doing something he doesn’t like. Aside from Matt chasing his high-school crush, Tori Frederking, who he saw again after a long time and tries to win her by lying about his job just to impress her.

Later on, I realized that the movie is actually about a guy who’s struggling to know his purpose, or is just waiting to find it, and refuses to face the life of maturity at a young (adult) age by not pursuing a career and chooses instead to work at a video store- another attention grabber for me. That’s probably what I could relate to the most with this film. He then finds out that even his high-school crush, who seemed to have it all together, wasn’t at all happy with her job. They were both on the same page after all.

Later on in the climax, Matt had a serious talk with his father. At this point, I realized that the dad wasn’t actually like any of those toxic parents who’d force their kids into being someone they never wanted to, but he just wanted his son to never grow old without a plan until he loses his chance to have one, let alone execute it.

To me, this was the best part of the movie, how Matt realized that he doesn’t need to wait and find out what he wants to be, what his purpose is, but just to take a leap of faith and take any opportunity that would come his way. That’s the only way to know what you want in life. Taking action even without a plan instead waiting for the “right moment” and letting time pass.

I’ve never seen this movie ever since it was released (2011). Never even heard about it until I’ve seen it on Netflix, and I’m thankful that I had a chance to. It’s such a great wake up call for me. For years, I’ve been asking myself, “What the hell do I wanna be?”

Maybe we don’t always know what we want in life. Some do, some don’t. Maybe it’s out there waiting for us to discover it, like a treasure, and the only way to find it is by taking action since it’s not gonna move by itself and come to us. Maybe it’s something that many other people already discovered and are already using, but that doesn’t matter because every person has his/her unique way of using their own treasure. And you’ll have it your way, too, once you find it.

How do you know if the treasure you found is the one you really want? I don’t know. I think it’s just like what this movie is trying to tell us- Just keep looking, keep discovering, instead of just sitting on your ass and not even trying. If you really want something, there’s no way you would’t know you want it. There’s always gonna be a connection, a gut feeling, that will tell you it’s what you’ve been looking for all along.

“You haven’t really failed, son, because you haven’t really tried to succeed. So don’t credit yourself as a failure. You’re worse than that.”

-Bill Franklin, Take Me Home Tonight Movie

Damn, that line really hits you hard, doesn’t it?

I tried my best to leave out most of the details since I didn’t want to spoil the movie, even though it’s an old one. Like I said, I just saw it, so maybe you’re just about to see it, too. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. There’s a lot of fun (and funny) scenes in the movie that are really entertaining. If you’re in doubt in case you saw Rotten Tomatoes’ rating for it, I’d say it’s worth an hour and a half of your whole weekend.

Played By Mysterio | How Spiderman: Far From Home Deceived The Fans

Spiderman: Far From Home launched in cinemas on July 3, 2019. It’s the anticipated post-Endgame movie which is like a follow-through event that happened after the Avengers won the battle against Thanos. Far From Home is the conclusion to the Infinity Saga and Phase 3 of the MCU movies.

I’ve loved the 2002 Spiderman and all the other Spiderman films that followed. But after seeing the latest Spiderman movie, this time starred by Tom Holland, there’s no argument that this is the best Spiderman movie ever made.

One of the reasons could be because he’s connected a lot of other superheroes which gives the impression that they’re all out there somewhere doing their own thing, and that they may have to come together at one point to give us another crossover to look forward to. All that is just so amazing to think of.

After seeing this movie, it made the previous ones seem like Spiderman is alone in his universe and that there’s nothing big or exciting to expect in the future.

Far From Home also introduced the supervillain, Mysterio, who perfectly portrayed his “illusionist” role in the movie. Not only did he deceive Spiderman and everyone on earth(in the movie), but he also deceived the viewers from the real earth- Us!

When the trailers were released, one thing that confused the fans which turned into a big question was, “Why is Mysterio friends with Spiderman?” Different theories came out, but the fans were quick to speculate that this was part of Mysterio’s tactics to deceive Spiderman so he could succeed in whatever he’s planning against him.

I was also convinced that there’s something fishy about Mysterio being buddy-buddy with Spiderman as shown in the trailers, so I also expected that he’s gonna reveal himself at some point in the movie. And, yep, that’s what exactly happened.

But even though I already had a hunch, it didn’t feel like I spoiled it for myself. Jake Gyllenhaal made a spectacular performance when he made the big reveal in a simple, yet comical manner. Another thing that made this scene and what followed through special is the fact that Quentin Beck didn’t only deceive Peter Parker, but also the fans who expected something big is gonna take part in this movie based on what they saw in the trailers.

Remember “multiverse”? A word that triggered a lot of fan theories and speculations about who Mysterio really is, including one that said he might actually be Peter Parker from a different universe. Now, just realizing how the movie didn’t even have a single thing to do with multiverse, it seems kind of funny and I’m sure a lot of fans fell for that, too.

A Very Familiar Character Appears

Still, another appearance may actually be telling us that multiverse does exist. At the end of the movie, after Spiderman and MJ had a web-sling ride in New York, a news flash appeared on a big screen.

It was a “fake” footage of Quentin Beck during his final encounter with Spiderman, but it reveals something real, and it was shared by no other than Spiderman’s number one hater- J. Jonah Jameson. He was played by the same actor, J.K. Simmons, from the previous Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire.

His appearance alone could get people to create a lot of discussions why or how he got in there, even if there’s probably no other reason at all. Maybe he’s just another JJJ in this universe who happened to have the same job, right? Or maybe J.K. Simmons’ portrayal is just so iconic that there’s no other actor that could replace him to play that character, so let’s just play along and pretend it’s the first time we saw him.

Whatever the explanation may be, this ending surely sparks a lot of excitement from fans and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see more theories and speculations about the future of Spiderman. Although, there are no news yet for another sequel, we can all agree that this is the perfect time for Marvel to continue with more Spiderman movies.

A Well Played Introduction

Going back to the introduction of Mysterio, I’d just like to share how amazed I am by how MCU did it. This may just be my on own perspective, but the way MCU released the trailers, how it got the fans to expect something that’s not really what the movie is going for, was a clever way of telling us something about his character.

MCU did not only intend to introduce him as the new enemy in an upcoming film, but they also gave us a glimpse of his character by letting us experience it ourselves. Before we could even see it, we were already part of the movie.

If this theory of mine is correct, then, well played, Marvel. Well played.

Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

This is my first movie review. Expect potential spoilers and amateur writing ahead.

It finally happened. The most awaited movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame premiered on April 24th(in my country), finally answering all the questions of the fans who have been part of the MCU movies for over ten years.

Many fans have anticipated what would become of the Avengers, and what really happened to those who turned to dust Infinity War. You may have already heard this from other reviews, but I can only say that I was satisfied with how it ended.

At one part of the movie, it would make you feel that “it is what it is”. The damage has been done and maybe they should just give themselves a chance to live a new life. On the other hand, it seemed unfair for those who were still trying to make things right. And then, there were those who pretended to forget by living a normal life, yet they were still haunted by their failures from the past.

The ending, for me, was satisfying even though it wasn’t perfect. In Infinity War, I wondered why Dr. Strange would let everyone go through all the trouble of stopping Thanos, knowing that there was only one in 14 million chance that only he knew about that led to many theories about what that chance was and how it was gonna happen.

Seeing it all happen in Endgame, I could tell that this was indeed the best and only way for things to happen and to stop Thanos from his mass genocide plan. When Thanos explained in Infinity War how bad the state of the world and the universe was, and how he wants to “put things in balance”, you know he wasn’t going for the right path. And yet, his words somewhat were making sense.

When the battle ended in Endgame, the reaction from Thanos as he watched things happen made me even more impressed with his character. There was something about his reaction that made him different from other villains that I’ve seen. Whatever happened to him, he just took it like a man with no added drama.

Overall, the movie was totally epic, as expected. The only time I could eat my popcorn was before the movie started and when the credits rolled. Several people also looked like they haven’t touched their food when they left the cinema. That’s how hooked it gets you.

Let me use another cliche here- The movie will take you to a roller coaster of emotions. I can’t remember the last time a movie gave me a heavy feeling as I watched a sad scene.

Avengers: Endgame concludes the end of a saga. Some fans are already questioning Marvel’s ability to pull off another epic saga after the Russo brothers announced they’ll no longer be directing for the Phase 4 Marvel movies.

Well, I hate overthinking. Although I’m also looking forward to the future Marvel movies, I’m not gonna think about it too much. I’m not really a die-hard fan of Marvel but I’m just happy and thankful to have witnessed the journey of the Avengers and Marvel in this epic saga.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | How I relate to Walter’s daydreaming habit

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

Lately, I’ve been rewatching some Marvel movies because it seems I still haven’t moved on from the awesomeness that I witnessed from Infinity War. Today, I just wanted to see something with a light, more normal storyline and as I started watching the beginning of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I already knew that I was gonna enjoy it since I could immediately relate to the character with his daydreaming habit.

Walter Mitty works for a magazine company. He always daydreams of being this adventurous and brave type of person who lives a life that’s full of action and excitement when in reality, he’s just another ordinary person who’s trying to make ends meet. Also, part of his daydreaming is that he can easily strike a smooth conversation, or even have some kind of heroic moments with his coworker crush, Cheryl.

Daydreaming is probably normal for people to do. I hope it is. I usually daydream during rough times when I just can’t seem to figure out how to handle or get out of a situation. Sometimes when I’m just upset about something, I’d also imagine that I’m some kind of a superhuman who would just beat the crap out of anyone trying to mess things up in the city(I blame those Marvel movies for this). It’s like some kind of escape when you have so much emotions but you’re afraid to let it out so you just dwell in this imaginary world where you see yourself as someone who’s stronger and more powerful above everyone else.

There are also times when I wish I had said more in a conversation, that I felt that I knew more things than the other person but I just can’t put up with any more BS so I just end up agreeing with them just so they would stop talking. At least, I could turn these things around in my own world.

As Walter goes on to find what he’s looking for, he finally gathered up the courage to leave his fears, then he took a leap of faith and started “going into the unknown” which slowly turned his imaginations into reality.

This could be one of the most difficult phases in our lives. Many people are stuck in a cycle due to fear of failure, afraid of taking risks. I’m pretty sure that most of these kinds of people are, in their own world, free spirits living by their own rules, going on different adventures and creating their own fascinating life stories.

“If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.” –Sean O’Connell
This is probably my favorite scene in the movie. An adventurer, a photographer, telling an ordinary person how to stay in a moment. Not capture it. Just.. stay in it, live in it. Many people today would put out their cameras and capture every single moment they find phenomenal, or things they know they won’t see everyday.
If you seek adventure, your purpose is to go out and see the world. Don’t just trap your eye inside your camera lens and then move on all the time. It’s okay to capture a few moments but sometimes, moments can also capture you. All you gotta do is let it. When that happens, you know you’re living in it.

I think daydreaming is not just me being in a deep thought. Maybe there’s also a Walter Mitty inside me hiding behind my fears, waiting for me to take action and put my daydreams into reality(except the superhuman thing). Should I be more open on any conversation that somehow opposes my beliefs? I don’t know. I still think as long as I know what I think is right, it doesn’t matter what others would say. Just let them talk and wish them a good day.

Daydreaming may be a bad thing if I just live my whole life in an imaginary world, but it’s still better than not dreaming of anything at all. If I learn to set the less important things aside, I could probably be able to prepare myself for a real adventure that would stay with me forever.

Iceland is so #travelgoals, don’t you think? 🙂

Do you find yourself daydreaming on a rainy day, too?