What in the hell is Ramble Nut?

No, it’s not that photo. To be honest, I have the same question, too. What even is Ramble Nut? Why Ramble Nut? How did I come up with it? Well, I don’t think I’d have the right explanation to that name. I don’t really think it makes sense. But isn’t that what makes a blog or any website unique? A name that doesn’t seem to make sense, yet they’re famous?

But that’s not really the only reason I made up that name, though. At least there’s a little explanation to it. As a man who only knows basic English words, I had to do a little research. And so I discovered the word ramble, another pretty basic word that means to “talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.”

I also didn’t know the word “nut” can mean different things. It could be the fruit that we eat(Nut is a fruit!?), a piece of screwing material, and then there’s the other new definition from Urban Dictionary. But simply, the term “nut” that I used is an informal term for the head or skull.

I thought that term fits perfectly. Calling the head a nut, to me, sounds like it’s referring to a simple-minded person, which I am. And also because sometimes, with all the random thoughts going on in my head, I feel like I might be going nuts. Yes, the random thoughts. The “rambles”. And so, I thought of the name ‘Ramble Nut’. Pretty simple, right?

What has it got to do with this blog?

You’d be nuts not to expect another simple explanation to that. I’m not a writer by profession, but I love writing about things, about whatever. At first, I was embarrassed to write about my thoughts and share it. Who cares what I think, anyway?

Who cares? That’s right. Who cares!

That’s exactly the point. Who cares what I think? Maybe some will find it interesting. If not, then what do I have to lose? This is my blog. I write, you read. Maybe I’ve got some opinions about something and you don’t like it, then you’re free to share your own thoughts in the comments. Maybe I’ll think you’re nuts, too, or maybe I’ll learn something that will make me want to hear more, and so we’ll connect.

After all, what’s the point of creating a blog if you’re just gonna keep it to yourself? That’s nuts.