Changes and Challenges (Journal Update)

Damn. My blog had totally died, hasn’t it? January, I was like a machine posting blogs as often as I could. Then suddenly, in February, I’m just.. gone. It’s like a yo-yo diet. You start to get fit (or at least get close to it) and then you become lazy and ruin it again, and then you just go through the same cycle. In my case, I’d call it a “yo-yo blog”.

But that doesn’t mean my love for writing has faded. In fact, I did something that might just get me closer to it, and closer to my dreams. I’ll get to that later.

After 2020 came, some changes have been happening that kept me ‘a bit’ busy. In between those busy moments, I was just lazy. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I’d like to make a lot of changes in my life now that I’m 30 years old.

For a long time, I’ve just been broke, lazy, careless. A happy-go-lucky, “whatever will be, will be” kind of person. And guess what? I’ve totally mastered that personality which, obviously, didn’t lead to anywhere but an endless cycle of doing things that I don’t much enjoy. Consequently, I’m living the same life.

Recently, I’ve done a few things that I’ve been interested in doing but haven’t paid attention to. Because some of these are things that will definitely lead me away from my comfort zone, which means that I’ll be doing a big change to myself that will be uncomfortable but for a good reason.

Here’s a few things that I’ve done and have been doing these past few weeks.

A More Focused Workout Routine

You might think I just became another victim of the “January hype”. Well, I’m glad, I wasn’t. Although there have been a few ‘off’ days- you know, those days when your mind is telling you it’s chest day, but your body is like, “Meh. Don’t feel like it.”- I always make sure to make up for it and REALLY push myself the next day. Maybe my body is just asking for a little rest, especially since I’ve been jumping rope almost everyday.

Oh, and speaking of jump rope, I’ve also created a new blog called Jumping to Live. Yeah, another cringe-worthy name, I know. But unfortunately, I also haven’t updated it since the beginning of February. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing it. Hell yeah, I love to jump rope. And I’m definitely gonna do it as often as I can. I just don’t have anything new to share since I don’t have any new tricks. For now, I’m planning what I’d like to put in this blog aside from my jump rope journey.

You know what’s the bigger problem, though? Diet. Damn. When you hear people say that working out is not the difficult part of getting fit? They’re not lying. It really IS the diet. And I think you already know that. At least, thanks to freelancing, I can have more time for exercise and will just need more discipline with my diet.

Now that I’ve pointed that out, I’m gonna make that my next goal. I’m not gonna be totally strict on my diet, though, because I know I’m just gonna be lying to myself. But I just need to pay more attention to my food intake from now on. Yes, I’ve told myself that a million times, but I’ll make sure to get there.

Rented An Apartment

If there’s anything that I never thought of putting in my bucket list, it’s this. To me, this is the absolute destroyer of my comfort zone. Why move in an apartment? I’m living comfortably in my parents’ house. And I’m Asian so I don’t see anything wrong with that despite my age.

But you know what? I think that that’s one of the reasons why I’m not growing. Because I’ve abused my comfort zone. I’m doing fine in this house. My mom cooks great food and she buys all of it from the market. We got the bills covered. All I need to do is work. And if the budget isn’t enough, there are my siblings who can I ask for help. Why the need to separate and live by myself?

As Lao Tzu said, “If you are anxious, you are living in the future…”

Well, no shit. I totally am anxious. Why? Because I’ve gotten this old and yet I don’t see anything bright about my future. But if I had just planned my future clearly, then I wouldn’t have to worry thinking about it. I’d even feel excitement instead of anxiety. But because I’ve taken my “present” for granted by settling in my comfort zone, I don’t even know if I could live by myself. How best to find out? Get out.

Maybe it doesn’t apply to everyone, but for me, the best way to let myself grow is to leave my comfort zone, live by myself (along with my own family) and figure things out on our own. I’m old enough to learn things the hard way and I deserve it.

Learn How to Become Rich

Yeah, dream on, dude. But really, it’s about time I’ve put more attention to money and how to properly take care of it and grow it. Saving money takes time, but if “saving” is all you know, you might take forever to wait until you really become “financially successful”. And that is the most painful thing to hear.

Still, there’s no other way but to suck it up and deal with the fact that having a job is not enough to secure your finances. But there are tons of ways to achieve financial stability. No, I’m not talking about the salary that just comes and goes. I’m talking about REAL savings. Passive income or extra income, whatever would get me out of the rat race. That’s what I’m talking about.

Last January 25th, I’ve attended a seminar about stock marketing. It’s something that I’ve wanted to learn for a very long time. Even though I have a life insurance, I know that’s not enough. I want an investment that will make me rich after a decade or so. I don’t mind waiting, to be honest. I’ve already signed up for an account in a brokerage firm and soon, I’ll start investing.

But I don’t wanna wait for years before I feel the “freedom” after achieving financial success. I mean, I can definitely wait but I don’t wanna suffer while doing so, which leads to the thing I’ve put myself into.

Signed Up For A Copywriting Learning Program

Finally! I’ve always wanted to learn copywriting. Like I mentioned, I enjoy writing and I want it to be the skill that I use to help clients with their business and make decent money. I know there’s a lot of free tutorials and resources online that I can use. Yes, those free stuff are really helpful, but if they really were effective, I should be making lots of money now. Obviously, that still isn’t the case.

Why didn’t I sign up a long time ago if I really wanted it?

Well, pardon my empty wallet, but I couldn’t pay $200 in one sitting. Thanks to my girlfriend who persuaded me to ask my cousin if we could use his credit card, and thanks to my cousin for agreeing, I was able to join the program.

Was it worth it?

Relax, it’s only been a week and we’ve only had one main assignment and a couple of mini tasks. But the amazing thing about it is that during this first week, I feel that I can already reach out to clients and offer my service for a good price. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m already working on my drafts. I feel like this time, I can finally have the confidence to offer my writing skills to clients and help their businesses.

That’s how powerful the program is. So, yeah, I can already say that it’s totally worth it. And there’s seven more weeks left to learn everything about Email Marketing and Copywriting, and I’m very happy to be a part of it now.

The second month of the year is about to end. I gotta admit that I’m proud of myself for accepting these changes, and I’m thankful to the people around for helping me do so. But there’s still a lot of work to do and I’m still finding it difficult to get rid of distractions, laziness and procrastination. At least, with these little changes happening, I can remind myself of the dream that I’m looking to achieve this year, as soon as I can.

4 thoughts on “Changes and Challenges (Journal Update)”

  1. About ten years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I wasn’t living with my parents, but I was definitely not making a 100% commitment to building a full-time freelance career. I never would have made it if I didn’t get serious, and hopefully it will work for you too! Good luck, and whatever you do, just keep writing on.

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    1. It feels good when someone shares how they’ve gone through the same thing and are able to overcome it. It’s like a reassurance that dreams are possible to achieve as long as I keep pushing. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, dreams are good, and it’s nice to know there are other people who made it… but 100% commitment is the requirement to succeed in any creative endeavor. That’s the part of my comment that I hope you’ll benefit from.

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