The Game Changers: This Documentary Will Make You Think Twice About Your Food Choices

Borrowed photo from Google that leads to this article.

Wow, I think I can try the vegetarian diet and then go vegan all the way. This was immediately my thought after watching The Game Changers, a new documentary on Netflix that, according to Google, was released on September 16, 2019. I just found out about it when I saw a post I think on Facebook where it said to check it out because it shares some good information about diets. Since I’m claiming 2020 to be my year by achieving my fitness goals, I thought I’d give it a look. And I didn’t expect to see it all the way in one go.

Once you start to watch the documentary, it will easily get you hooked from start to end (the kind of power I wish my blog had). It’s probably just because of my interest in lifestyle change starting this year of 2020, but I’ve seen a lot of videos and articles about health and wellness, and I think not many of them caught my attention as much as TGC did, considering it’s a film about being pro-vegan. It’s the first time something got me thinking if I should try going vegan.

But I know that it’s just my mind being hyped while I was watching. I really don’t see myself going vegan, at least not in the near future, or anytime, ever. You can say I’m being totally skeptical about myself, and that’s true. It’s not that I don’t believe the benefits of it, which was the highlight of the documentary, but just the thought of not having meat for a long period of time, say, the remainder my lifetime, feels unbearable. Whenever I’d eat Shawarma (just like yesterday), I always feel like it’s the best decision I’ve ever made the whole day.

It seems that I’m also not the only one who got hyped by TGC documentary. After watching it, I started searching about it and found out that it’s been creating a lot of buzz on the internet since it was released, and a lot of people were having the same reaction as mine. It’s definitely a job well done by all the people involved in it. I believe what made it so inspiring is the fact that athletes were the subjects of the tests that they made to show how our body reacts to plant-based diets. And it’s more convincing if you see it happening to the people who you thought were supposed to be the ones eating more meat because of their lifestyle. Like, Arnold Schwarzenegger. (What?)

Of course, the carnivores/omnivores won’t just back down like that. After seeing the documentary, I’ve also watched different videos on Youtube of people sharing their reactions about the documentary, including this debate between James Wilks (the guy narrating the film) and Chris Kresser (a guy I didn’t know who, but apparently promotes the Paleo Diet) on the Joe Roegan Experience podcast, and even Joe seemed like he was starting to get convinced by James (or maybe not) as he was bombarding Chris with information about plant-based diet.

I don’t think this diet war between vegans and carnivores/omnivores is gonna end soon but, needless to say, this documentary did affect a lot of people after many of them expressed their interest in plant-based diets, and some of them even saying they’re gonna start reducing their intake of animal products, which is nice. You don’t need to go vegan all the way but you can add more vegetables in your diet, then maybe slowly reduce the amount of meat that you put on your plate and see how far you can go.

I feel that if more and more people would see this impressive documentary, it could highly change the views of the majority about food, especially animal products, and I’m starting to wonder how the meat industry would take it, seeing how genius they’ve always been when it comes to promoting animal products as if there’s no brutal tortures and murders going on behind the scenes, as was also shown in the film.

Anyhow, The Game Changers did a great job in raising awareness about what the meat industry is doing to the animal welfare and the environment, as well as how these products are affecting our well-being. I feel like I, too, might wanna consider cutting down on meat and adding more vegetables on my plate. But then again, going vegan, I really don’t know about that. Just my honest statement.

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