That Inexplicable Feel-Good Morning Vibe

You ever wake up feeling so great for some reason you can’t tell what, or maybe no reason at all? It’s just another sunny morning and yet, somehow, you feel thankful just seeing the sun rise upon you, making you feel bright and all. You’ve definitely woken up on the right side of the bed.

I know that religious folks wake up in the morning everyday and thank the creator for being able to do so, but it kinda makes me wonder how often they really feel happy about it, and how many times they just do so because it has become their morning routine. Just like how you’d ask your colleague “How are you?” when you see them in the office though you don’t really care how they’re doing and just making a simple gesture to greet them because you crossed paths.

Oftentimes, I’d just wake up and start my day and give no damn about the weather, no matter how nice it is. It just seems normal to me, as if it is Earth’s obligation to give me a beautiful morning and so I shouldn’t expect anything less. It’s just something that happens everyday, you know, the sun rising, you waking up and starting to go about your day.

But sometimes, there’s this feeling that as I wake up, I just love how the sunlight gets through the window, poking my eyes and hitting my skin, as if it never happened once in my 30 years of existence. That this time, I’ve been gifted with a beautiful morning that it makes me feel I should do something productive or meaningful to pay back such a sweet favor.

We’d complain on every rainy day that interrupts our plans and daily activities, and making things more difficult to get done with, but we seldom feel grateful for a nice sunny day when we weren’t even asking for it. We often see it as just another occurrence that will pass soon and then we’ll see another one. What if we no longer did?

Maybe if we pay more attention to every morning that we open our eyes, no matter if it’s rain or sunshine we’d see outside the window, we’d be more appreciative of the fact that we did get another chance to see either one, and learn to spend each day having more patience with whatever troubles we’d face, and have a little more understanding of why some things just wouldn’t go our way.

Perhaps we’d put more heart into everything we do- whether it’s a simple task or a huge project, an obligation or a passion- as a way of giving thanks to the creator, or the nature, or the world itself, for allowing us to continue to breathe life and be able to get things done and do even more.

If this wonderful, inexplicable feeling happens on a day when you don’t plan on doing anything, a day off perhaps, then just continue to feel it and be happy. But why not give it meaning by doing something that would? Workout, finish your tasks, take a stroll, have a chat with a friend, or anything that would make you use the gift of positive energy so you can tell yourself that you’ve spent it well. You’ve been blessed with a chance to start the day feeling like you’re on top of the world, give thanks by ending it just the same way.

2 thoughts on “That Inexplicable Feel-Good Morning Vibe”

  1. Well-said! Happiness is an inside job, and a work in progress. Social media has significantly altered this reality by portraying happiness as the ‘result’ of big ambitions and hard hustle. Perhaps it’s time to prioritize thankfulness over happiness. Those were my two cents. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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