I Can’t Write

I can’t write when someone’s watching me while I do it.
I just wanna be left alone while my fingers run through the keys.

I can’t write while someone’s talking to me, especially asking me questions.
The brightest idea can burst like a bubble from a slightest bit of distraction.

I can’t write while people move around behind me.
Same as watching, even if they weren’t, it feels like they are.

I can’t write for anybody.
That’s the sad part about it. I don’t have the heart to.

I can’t write when I want to.
Now I’m making excuses, which happens all the time.

I can’t write when I’m told to.
‘Cause nobody does, other than myself.

I write best when I’m alone.
When there’s no reason to hold back.

When there’s nothing or no one else to turn to.
When I feel like wanting to self-destruct.

It’s complicated why I wanna write, you see.
I don’t want you to see, but I want you to see.

For only when I want to
Can I really tell you what there is in me.

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