Like Time, Just Keep On Going

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

I’d like to remind myself what I need to do whenever I lose motivation to write.

Time is quite the runner, isn’t it? It still feels like yesterday when the fireworks went off to welcome the new year, and here we are, already on the second half and about to start the last quarter.

Got anything to share? I do, but this is just another rambling to keep my mind at work. You know, the writing stuff. I’ve been quite busy with work, which is good because that means I’m making money. I’m trying to keep up with time, at least, and I hope that I am.

Hey, keep reading for me, will ya?

I know I’m rambling here so this is going to be another pointless post. It’s like gym time for my mind and my fingers. Gotta keep exercising to improve and hopefully make more interesting and helpful stories for you in the future. Are you a writer, too? An aspiring blogger? Just keep going, alright?

Maybe you’re already getting progress and you just don’t see it yet. You probably know this, but only other people would notice changes in you before you do. Like the muscles you build from your first three months of working out, the improving sound of your guitar play, your singing voice, your dancing skills, and other things.

Same goes with writing. It may feel like nothing’s happening while you keep writing random stories, editing them hundreds of times before finally publishing them. It all feels the same. But as you keep on doing it, you actually learn. You already know you’re supposed to keep reading, too, in order to improve your writing skills, so read more.

Just read any stories that interest you. Little by little, you’re learning not only the lessons of the stories you read, but also different ways of writing, which you’re probably applying on your own stories already without you even knowing it. The more you read, the more you improve your vocabulary, and your writing style changes. It becomes much better and a lot more interesting.

So don’t stop. I’m sure you’re busy with life, too, but passion hears no excuses. There’s always time to do something you love, if you really love it. Alright, fine. I’m in no position at all to even talk about that stuff. I have a lot of excuses myself. See how long ago my last post was? Yeah, I got lazy again. But not totally. (Still lazy, though.)

Like I said, I’ve been pretty busy with work. Still, it’s no excuse to not be able to write anything for over 20 days on this blog. I swore that I’d post here often, even daily if I could, for the sake of improving my writing skills. But here I am, still screwing around. It hurts to say that I’m not passionate enough. Ouch. I’ve been holding back for a long time on telling myself that because it sucks. But it’s true. I’m just not that passionate.

I love to write, but I’m still not passionate enough. I can feel that. If there’s a writer version of Gordon Ramsay, I’m one of his lousy students and he’s probably screaming and cursing at me all the time in a lot of different ways I never knew existed. The worst thing you can do about something you say you love doing is to not have enough passion for it, and that’s what ticks off the King of Hell’s Kitchen.

Why am I suddenly saying things like this?

I know this may seem out of the blue. The truth is I’m just trying to remind myself of all these things, trying to talk to myself about what I need to work on. I’m still a slacker and I don’t wanna stay like this forever. So while I’m giving myself this lecture, I thought I’d write it here so you can read it, too. I’m sure I’m not alone in this class.

So let’s make a deal, shall we? Let’s keep going together. It kinda hurts less knowing that I’m not the only one struggling, that I’m not the only one lacking passion. Hahaha… Ha.

Let’s both continue to keep pushing. And don’t give me that “Practice makes perfect” crap. You’ll never be perfect no matter how hard you try. Nobody’s perfect– Yeah, that one’s a more realistic cliché. You know what practice really makes? A better you. For me, that’s better than being perfect because you’ll never know how far you’ll go. No expected ending, only twists and turns.

You’ll just keep on wondering, and when you keep wondering, you’ll keep wanting to learn more and keep practicing what you’ve learned. While you may not even be aware of it, you’re already pushing yourself to better yourself. And before you know it, there are people already seeing the better you and they’ll admire you for it, and only then will you realize how far you’ve gone.

So, how about it? Ready for an exercise? Write yourself a story today, or just express your thoughts through writing. If you don’t feel good about it, do a better one the next day, and a better one again the day after. Just keep on going. Let’s try to be like time, a savage that doesn’t stop for anything or anyone.

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