Don’t Waste That Sudden Rush of Inspiration to Write

When you wanna share a thought through writing, it gets much faster when emotion is involved. That’s what I realized when I wrote my previous blog post.

It’s not everyday you sit down, open a blank page, and then immediately start typing without even taking a minute to think what to write and how you wanna write it. It felt like my mind was just throwing out words that flow through my veins and through my hands, and so I typed away.

At some point, I even lauded myself for being able to think and write continuously, only pausing for a few seconds, and then go again. There was just too much going on in my head that it made me feel very inspired and motivated to write. I just wish I was talking about something positive. Rather, I was rage-typing. Still, it feels great to be able to release that negativity through writing.

It’s probably the same thing with writing a song or a poem. You don’t force yourself to think what they’re gonna be about. It’s more of an expression of your emotions. Before you even start to write, you already know what you’ll be writing about. The thinking part just comes after – how you’re gonna write it.

As a reserved person, I did have a moment of hesitation before publishing something that I felt was too personal to share. But then, why did I have this blog in the first place?

I’ve read it many times and heard it many times – Writing will be a lot easier if you just write honestly. Just BE YOURSELF.

You can’t be a blogger if you shy away from writing. If you’re too afraid to express your own thoughts and emotions, what else can you write about? It does take some courage, but once you’ve done it, I can guarantee you’ll be really satisfied. And you might wanna do it even more.

Whenever you get that feeling, that sudden rush of emotions that inspire you to write, be it positive or negative, NEVER let that chance go. Sit down and write about it. Don’t let it go to waste. You just don’t know when it might happen again.

If you feel shy or afraid to share it, continue writing anyway. That’s one of the reasons why I love writing. You’re expressing yourself, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has to know about it. Although it can help improve your self-esteem if you share it.

But whether you publish it or keep it in your drafts, either way is fine. Because not only have you expressed yourself, you also have gained yourself some writing experience.

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